Cat Harness Or Leash? The Right Way To Walk Your Cat

Have you ever seen a cat? They are peaceful animals to have around the house. This makes many people to keep them as pets. But do you know that your cat needs to get some fresh air outside to be truly happy? This brings about the need of a cat walking harness or leash when you take a walk to the park or around the block with your cat in tow.

Benefits Of A Cat Walking Harness Over A Leash For Your Cat.

Harnesses have a wide breadth that is placed on the neck of the cat. This is more comfortable to the cat unlike the thin strip like breadth of a leash which may look like you are strangling the cat with. Harnesses with wider and soft breadth are better.

Cats have soft throats. This makes a leash unfavorable to your cat as they tend to pull this way and the other as they are being walked outside. This may cause injuries to their delicate necks. On the other hand with a harness when the cat pulls off it won’t suffer any injuries as the harness distributes the pressure applied evenly around the neck area and the body covered by the harness.

A harness while dressed on the cat’s collar it feels like it is being caressed. This makes the cat feel loved and won’t disturb its walker when in a harness. A leash feels uncomfortable making the cat cause disturbance as it is being walked because of the thin material used to make it.

Even though the harnesses are preferred by cats they still take require a fair bit of training to get your cat acclimated to the sensation of the harness so it is recommended that you start teaching your cat right away.

Below you can see video of cats walking with a leash for the first time, and as you can see things don’t go as planned. This is why I stress getting them acclimated to the harness indoors so that they don’t freak out the first time you go outside.

Why might you even want to take your cat on a walk with a leash or harness you might ask, Well it is crucial for a cat’s health and is sure to improve their overall happiness. Not to mention it is a good release of energy so they won’t be running around like maniacs in the middle of the night.

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At first it may seem like a daunting task to get your cat to behave while on a harness, but with time and a little bit of work you will be walking your cat in no time. The key aspects of training involve taking it slow and working your way up with each training session especially for older cats. With kittens you can get them used to be on a leash much easier since they are still young and not used to be able to free roam just yet.

Cat on leash

How To Walk Your Cat

  1. To get them used to being on a harness start in a nice quiet isolated behavior so that nothing causes them to have an unwanted reaction.

2. Reward good behavior and punish bad, that way you can communicate to them what it is you want them to do. This can be done using treats, or affection whatever you find your cat responds to best.

3. Don’t rush things especially if you have an older cat who has never been on a harness or leash before, it is a very strange feeling for them to be strapped in.

4. Slowly increase the duration of time they are on the leash or harness, initially your cat may only be able to stand it for a minute. However over time the tolerance will build up and you will be able to walk around the park no problem!

5. Enjoy the quality time with your cat! If you aren’t enjoying the process you will likely never reach the finish line, remember this is supposed to be a fun activity and you should treat it as such!